About Us

In our fields of activity, it is on its way to becoming a global brand that can direct the domestic and international markets, is qualified, strong, reliable, working in line with quality targets, following technology and innovations simultaneously, and continuously renewing itself.

To be among the pioneers of change in Turkey aims to OBJEKT wide service owned information and cooperation is the best way to evaluate the achievement of the target network.

OBJEKT continues to explore the opportunities for cooperation and investment that it believes will be beneficial to the country’s economy on the way to becoming a global player that sets standards and explores.


To be a company that follows the developments related to the sector at home and abroad carries them to the works they do, and is a leader in the sector, at international standards.


To be a dynamic company that develops and grows with them by offering reliable economic and useful structures to the people and institutions we serve.


As OBJEKT employees, we continue our activities within the framework of our common values. We consider customer satisfaction and expectations as the most valuable asset. Our company forms its activities in this direction.

Objekt aims to provide services to its customers through a working group that follows innovation and creates a more qualified work environment by educating its employees first.

We consider the concept of reliability and discipline as the main principle of customer expectations and we consider making this continuous as the most important purpose. One of the primary social responsibility principles that OBJEKT carries is transferring the environment to future generations. Also, it aims to contribute to education and science, which is the most important stage of human development.